Jellybeans Family Day Care respects the relationships children have with their family. The child’s family is the most important connection a child has and we aim to support them in their individual wishes for their child’s care and education. We encourage all famines to participate in the day care program on an on-going basis.

We understand that every child and family is unique and have differing requirements from other families within our service. We aim to cater for all individual differences I order for the child to grow, learn and develop into confident and individual beings. We acknowledge, encourage and respect the special relationships children develop with their educators and understand the significance and trust required from educators, children and families.

Jellybeans value the importance and relevance of ‘play’ in a child’s life and the family day care setting. We understand that play encourages children to participate, learn, practice and experiment.
We allow and encourage children the freedom to learn and develop confidence by promoting confidence in their own abilities and encouraging a healthy self esteem. We support them to develop at their own pace and empower their ability to make their own decisions.

We understand and acknowledge that cultural diversity relates to gender, ethnicity, lifestyle, customs, beliefs, backgrounds and experiences. We respect the cultural diversity of the community we live in, where values, rights and differing perspectives.

We believe in the Early Years Learning Framework and uphold their ideologies of Belonging, Being and Becoming. We aim to create holistic approaches towards care and education for every child in care. We appreciate the moments and experience that occur each day and use these times to understand the individual children and the dynamics of the group. We appreciate that is these experiences that mould our program and offer the children and families meaningful education.

We aim to include the community and the people within it to broaden our experiences and understand how this can enrich our educational program for the children enrolled in our service. We aim to provide the community with a service that is unique and enriching. We are proud of the role that family day care places in our community and understand the need to offer families quality care for their children. We aim to ensure that we are meeting all needs, of all stakeholders and involve them in the developing policies and decisions relating to our service.

We understand our responsibility to educate children in care about the importance of the world and show them how to sustain natural resources, use products wisely, reuse and recycle and understand the impact on the world we live in. We aim to teach children in care to respect the environment for future generations.
All stakeholders aim to abide by the regulations and standards that are in place in order to provide a high quality service that promotes safety, education and inclusion.